Or to help a friend that is going through a tough situation.

All of us have some down moments: going through a break-up, losing someone, having a bad work-life balance, etc. These are quite normal situations but can be difficult to overcome. Most people try to rely on meditation or self-help books to relax and get through these problems.

I have read…

Platforms that will help you understand your clients' behaviour online


Marketing is becoming a battle based on information than on sales power

— Philip Kotler

The first step in any Marketing plan is to understand your market: How much money is raised in the whole market and what's your market share? Who are your biggest competitors? What are they offering…

How payment companies regulate the porn industry

Film is a reflection of society, both present and past. […] Movies are a form of communication and that communication, those stories, come from societies not just where society is presently and what it’s doing now but where society has been.

— Tom Sherak

Mainstream porn is often criticized because…

Did you send nudes these past weeks? Some hot pictures to make your partner beg for your body? Here are some tips you may find useful.

It’s amazing that you want to give a nude as a gift to the person you are dating. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that, while that person may be nice and honest, the Internet is not a place you should trust.


I will give you…


Uncertainty, a non-existent cure, mayhem, etc many similitudes as well as differences between this hypothetical zombie virus and the new coronavirus. But which one is deadlier?

Many people are comparing this pandemic to movies like Zombieland or World War Z… but is it a fair comparison? Continue reading to know it.

Basic comparison

Let's start by comparing several features for both viruses (table 1).


Por el Clítoris

(Link to English version)

¿Tratamos a los Clítoris como a cualquier otro órgano? Si piensas que si, cometerás el mismo error que yo. Esa es la principal trama de esta historia. Mi oscuridad y vergüenza. Me cuesta escribir estar historia porque es algo de lo que no me siento orgullose…

Maria Valcam

Engineer studying an MBA. I am interested in Business, Sexology, and Engineering. Website: https://marvalero.github.io/Oohmyclit/english

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